What Car? magazine names Jaguar XF best executive car


What Car? magazine has awarded the Jaguar XF the title of Best Executive Car 2010. Who is “What Car?” magazine? Who knows, I’ve never heard of it. Actually it is a British car magazine, and it claims itself to be the biggest and best car buyer’s guide. There goes those arrogant Brits, again. Anyway, it considers the Jaguar XF a grand accolade in itself, and giving ┬áthe Jaguar XF the award ┬áthree times in a row.

In its 2010 awards edition of the magazine, What Car? comments: “The XF has always been streets ahead when it comes to handling and refinement, but it now has a more powerful, yet more efficient, 3-litre diesel engine, prompting us, without hesitation, to make it the best executive model for the third straight year.”

What Car? magazine is so far fetch and arrogant in its tagline that I don’t think if this award for the Jaguar XF is legitimate.

  • Jay

    RELEATED POSTS ….spelled wrong

    • Vincent Van

      Lol, thanks for pointing it out. Very perceptive.