Kia Rio EX rated as top subcompact car by Consumer Reports


The verdict is out in the subcompact segment. Consumer Reports has completed its testing of all cars in the subcompact category, and it has picked the Kia Rio EX as the top subcompact car in this segment. The Chevrolet Sonic took second place the Hyundai Accent landed third place.

For first place winner, Consumer Reports found that the Kia Rio has quality standard equipment, good handling, smooth gear shifting, good fuel economy and user-friendly design all around.

In second is the Chevrolet Sonic, and Consumer Report found that it has the most quiet cabin. In addition, handling and braking were top notch as well. The draw back for the Chevrolet Sonic was its turbocharged 1.4-liter turbo engine and manual transmission, which Consumer Report didn’t find any “sporty aspirations” from its sportiness along with dismal fuel economy.

Third place winner goes to the Hyundai Accent due to its best fuel economy in its class. The negative on this sedan was its noisy ans slouchy suspension and sub par hard plastic materials in the interior.

In the look department, three of these cars look unique and eye-pleasing in its own way. If Chevrolet Sonic manages to better its fuel economy and the Hyundai Accent to refine its suspension next year, these cars could have a chance to home first price.