Ford India is Booming with Figo


Demand is high for Ford Figo in India. About 28 new authorized Ford retail locations were opened up in a single day, which gives a total 164 facilities located in 97 cities across India. Due to the demands of increased volume selling, Ford India has tripled its dealer sales staff in order to meet this demand.

New facilities have opened in New Delhi, Sangrur, Haldwani and Gwalior in the North; Durgapur, Dhanbad and Guwahati in the East; Hyderabad, Chennai, Warangal, Vellore, Salem, Vijayawada and Malappuram in the South; and Bilaspur and Mehsana in the Western region.

This demand in India was largely due to the introduction of the Ford Figo. The Figo is classified as a small compact car almost like the the Tata, only with much more amenities. The Ford Figo models are produced at the Chennai plant, and will be export to international markets and as well as in India. The plant is also being groomed to produce diesel and petrol engines for local vehicle production and export within Ford’s Asia Pacific and Africa region.

The Ford Figo is designed and engineered to compete in India’s small car segment, which accounts for more than 70 percent of the new vehicle market.  It leverages Ford’s small-car platform architecture, sharing underlying technology with the Ford Fiesta, already familiar to Indian drivers.