Price hike on new Toyota vehicles in May


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Toyota plans to jack up the prices on some of its new vehicles by May of this year. This will affect on some new models from 2012-2013, such as Tacoma, Prius, Camry, Scion and Highlanders.

Starting with the 2012 Tacoma model, it will have an increase by about $250. The new Prius v Two, Three and Five hybrids will an increase of about $150, which have a price range from $27,310 to $30,900. The Toyota Camry price increase is a bit more complicated, it will range from $50 for the XLE model to $270 for the SE V-6 and XLE V-6 models, while the basic Camry L model will see about $100 increase. And the top end XLE V6 will now cost about $30,875. Last are the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and LTD models, which will see a price increase by as much as $175.

Not to mention the sub-brand Scion tC, it too will see a price increase of $150, which will total to about $20,455 for an automatic transmission and $19,455 for the manual gearbox.

So, why the price increase to these new Toyota models? According to Toyota, its new models offer more amenities and upgrades, but we’re thinking that Toyota is more of adjusting to the inflation rate by passing the pain to customers.