Google’s autonomous car drives blind man around town


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In the year 2525, autonomous cars will take over everyday driving for us, from long commutes to driving blind people around town. Well, you don’t have to wait till the year 2525, already Google’s autonomous car is driving a blind man around town.

We have been followed the Google’s autonomous car for quiet a few years now, and this time, the company actually put a blind man inside the car for a live test. The autonomous car is designed to be self-driven, which can be programmed with a route and destination to travel. The car then drives itself to the programmed destination without the driver ever needs to control the steering wheel or press on the gas pedal.

In the video below, Google’s autonomous car manages to travel to its destination safely with Steve Mahan as the driver, who is legally blind. The possibilities are endless for the Google’s autonomous car, as we can see soon in the future that we can work or relax in the¬†autonomous car while the car drives itself. But here in this scenario, it gives blind people greater independence to travel or just run errands in everyday life.

  • Software and hardware could be separated when it comes to autonomous driving. Implementation of the technology will prove some challenges of its own.¬†