Acura NSX Roadster in the works as well


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The new NSX roadster concept is about to get a heavy dose of exposure in The Avengers movie. The supercar was debuted at the Detroit Auto Show back in January, and looks like the company is somehow and someway going to erect it into a production model. Well, we are keeping our hopes up.

But the new Acura NSX production model won’t be available for awhile. As a matter of fact, Acura even said that it won’t be available in showrooms until 2015, and that is a long time from now. What ever the case, Acura is planning two versions of the new Acura NSX, coupe and convertible. If such a convertible version to be made, will the new Acura NSX have a hard-top or soft-top? Or perhaps something similar to the Ferrari 458 Italia roadster with a folding hard-top.

One thing is for sure about the new Acura NSX is its hybrid powerplant. The supercar will be built on an all-wheel drive system that is powered by a V10 engine along with a pair of electric motors. More power and less fuel consumption, and that is what the general population likes currently.

In the meantime, if you want to catch the new Acura NSX in action, go see The Avengers movie. The supercar is driven by Tony Stark as “Iron Man” in the movie.