Vilner Jeep Wrangler off-roading in style with luxury look


The Jeep Wrangler just got a bit of luxury by Vilner tuning company. The company has been known to put the luxury in tough and rugged vehicles such as the Land Rover Defender SUV, and new Jeep Wrangler is has just made to the company’s hit list.

It is fine and dandy just to drive a regular Jeep Wrangler as your off-road excursion, but to travel in style in a rugged country environment should ease you off a bit in the beaten path. Rocks are no rocks, you will be rocking in Vilner Jeep Wrangler. The tuning company has upgraded the exterior with a new set of ATV headlamps and LED daytime running lights. There are chrome plated trim accents all over the exterior, which includes the mirror housings, door handles, grille and tailgate. Even the wheels got an upgrade with a combination of chrome with matte finish.

But best of is the interior, which the company is known to be famous for in this department. The Vilner Jeep Wrangler gets high quality materials donned all over the cabin, including stitched leather for the dash, seats, and door panels as well as chrome and brass accents. The result is an astonishing luxury look and feel that makes other luxury car jealous.

So next time if you are planning for an off-road trip, travel in style with the Vilner Jeep Wrangler. Well, that is if you can afford one in the first place. It won’t be cheap.