Range Rover Evoque Horus gets wide by German tuner Loder1899


The tuning market has no boundaries, and that takes us to the tuned Range Rover Evoque Horus by the German tuner Loder1899. The Range Rover Evoque was official out late last year, and it was well received in both the luxury and tuning markets alike. Since then, we have seen many subtle tunings to this luxury crossover, but this is a drastic modification by tuner Loder1899.

The Range Rover Evoque Horus named after an Egytian god, as explained by tuner Loder1899, gets a new front fascia along with wide fender flares and a more aggressive rear diffuser to make it looks more muscular and powerful. To accommodate the wider fenders, tuner Loder1899 added optional massive 11×23-inch Elements IV wheels wrapped in 315/35R23 Michelin Pilot Sport tires. In addition, the Range Rover Evoque Horus also gets lowered by about an inch all around.

The exterior tuning package for the Range Rover Evoque Horus costs about €3,032 ($4,000 U.S.), which does not include the optional wheel package and lowered suspension kit. The modification does make the Ranger Rover more powerful, and lets hope there will be some power modifications in the future to go with the look. One thing we’ve notice about these luxury crossovers is that you wouldn’t find them off-roading somewhere.