BMW M Performance Parts for 3-Series and 5-Series sedans headed for U.S.


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To dominate the aftermarket auto parts in the U.S., BMW has just announced that it will be bringing the M Performance Parts for the 3-Series and 5-Series sedans in the U.S. Well, this is not any new news, BMW has been offering aftermarket auto parts for BMW enthusiasts for years already, now the company has just made it official under the M Performance Parts name.

The range of the BMW Performance Parts available for the new BMW 2012 3-Series and 2011-2012 5-Series sedans in the U.S. market includes powertrain, chassis, aerodynamic, and cabin components.

For exterior components, the M Performance Parts includes high-gloss black kidney grilles and carbon fiber mirror caps, racing stripes, and a carbon fiber rear spoiler. And for the interior, there are pieces of the Alcantara steering wheel, carbon fiber and Alcantara interior trim set, and a carbon fiber gear shift knob and selector lever.

In the chassis department for the BMW 3-Series and 5-Series sedans, the M Performance Parts catalogue includes lighter 20-inch forged alloy rims. For braking performance, a set of large Brembo brakes along with sports 370×30-mm brake discs on the front axle and 345×24-mm brake discs on the rear axle.

For added performance to the six-cylinder turbocharged engine of the BMW 3-Series and 5-Series sedans, a tuned sports exhaust system featuring two 80 mm tailpipes, which can add another 12 horsepower.

No pricing available for these BMW M Performance Parts, but it will available in the new catalog by next month in the U.S.