2010 Audi A1 with 1.4L engine


Audi is introducing the Audi A1 to complete its series with low fuel consumption engines ranging about 44 to 62 miles per gallon, depends on the four available engines. The engine with the best fuel economy is the 1.6 TDI with 90 hp and manual transmission. Four different engines will be available with two TDI and two gasoline units. They substitute forced induction for displacement, and all use direct injection with turbocharging to produce between 86 and 122 hp.

Power from the engine is transferred through a dual-clutch transmission changes gears, which can be operated as an automatic or manually with shift paddles on the steering wheel available as an option.

The Audi A1 is a premium sports small compact sports car. It is designed for fun and spirited driving while provide fuel efficient as the same time. Its chassis of the Audi A1 is sporty and agile, which is a prerequisite for a car that is a lot of fun to drive. The weight distribution, the very direct steering and the painstaking suspension setup also contribute to the fun factor. And technologies such as the ESP electronic stabilization program with electronic differential lock make the handling even more precise and sporty.

The all-new Audi A1 Concept is powered by a 1.4-litre TFSI engine (twin-charged, same as the one in the Golf GT) producing 110kW and an electric motor.