Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck may be available in North America


Volkswagen is considering the possibility of its Amarok pickup truck in the North American market.  Currently, the Amarok pickup truck is available in South America, but there are hints that it will be moving up north soon.  The small-size pickup truck market took a hit during the beginning of the economic crisis, and we have seen some of the pickup models have put out to pasture, such as the Dodge Ram Dakota and Ford Ranger.  And Volkswagen is planning to fill the void space with its Amarok model.

Even though Volkswagen plans to tap the North American market, it is cautiously doing so.  The company initially plans to sell the Amarok pickup truck in Canada to test the water.  According to Thomas Tetzlaff, Media Relations Manager at VW of Canada, the company is “presently in the ‘evaluation stage,’ where we are pouring over data with a fine-toothed comb. Bottom line? We are very interested, but are proceeding very slowly and very cautiously.”  There have been reports that VW is already putting some of the Amarok pickup trucks at some of the VW dealerships in Canada to gauge customers’ interest.

The VW Amarok pickup truck that are offered in South America is powered by a range of three diesel powertrains, which are ranging from 138 to 177 horsepower and 250-310 pound-feet of torque. It comes in both single and double-cab configurations with either rear- or four-wheel drive.

Further inquiries about the fate of the VW Amarok in the U.S., and according to VW spokesman Mark Gillies, “VW of America has absolutely no plans to sell the current version of the Amarok in the U.S.” Nothing is absolute, my friend!  And from VW experience in the U.S., we will likely see the Amarok here in the U.S.

  • VW fan

    Awesome if this is a diesel. I will definitely look at one, especially for towing.

  • Johnnysan

    I hope this truck will be cheap as the VW Jetta.