2013 Mustang RTR driven by Vaughn Gittin Jr.


Hang on to your hats, boys and girls, because you will be getting a wild ride by Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the new 2013 Mustang RTR. Oh yeah, there will be definitely some drifts going on.

Our last winner of the Formula Drif, Vaughn Gittin Jr., takes us for a ride in his new 2013 Mustang RTR, which was built to stand the sheer power of wheel spinning through major curves. No sir, it won’t be no smooth ride. The hard tuned suspension setup plus the neck-breaking power of 624 ponies will make you piss in your pants.

“We have spent a lot of time testing the new suspension package,” says 2010 Formula Drift Champion, Vaughn Gittin Jr. “I worked alongside very experienced suspension engineers and other pro drivers to deliver our goal; a very well-balanced car that offers RTR owners the ability to adjust the suspension to suit their driving style without sacrificing ride quality. Without question it is one the most impressive handling and fun-to-drive Mustangs out there.”

So what is new in the 2013 Mustang RTR? For starter, more horsepower with up to 624 horsepower along with an optional supercharger if you really want more power. Anyhow, the new styling package comes with an updated front fascia, side splitters, aluminum rear spoiler and rear diffuser, and a set of 19-inch wheels, all which can be installed at a dealership.

In addition, customers can choose two packages: a basic Spec 1 package ($6,250) and a Spec version ($11,995) has the option of a 525- or 624 horsepower Ford Racing supercharger system.

The Mustang RTR is available only at select premium Ford Dealers world-wide including the U.S.A. Check out the video of the new 2013 Mustang RTR in action below.