New Lexus LF-CC Concept seems to be future two-door Lexus IS


The future look of the Lexus IS seems bright and modern.  For years Lexus has been catching up with the BMW 3 Series, and with the unveiling of the new Lexus LF-CC Concept hybrid, it seems to becoming a reality.  Although Lexus has announced the Lexus LF-CC Concept as the replacement of the Lexus IS, but we have no doubt in our mind that it will be so, as we can see this from the similarities to that of the current Lexus IS sport sedan.

As for now we don’t know much about the Lexus LF-CC Concept.  From the looks, we that is new two-door hybrid coupe,  which is designed with the latest L-finesse language that the we’ve seen on the recent models such as the Lexus GS.  Noticeably is the prominent front grille that stood out as in many other Lexus models.  In addition, the company has taken its time to design other intricate pieces such as the triple LED headlights and slim taillights to show off both the luxury and sporty sides of Lexus.  If it ever makes to the production model is another story, but from what we can tell, these new design elements can be easily incorporated in the road-car version.  We hope so, keeping our fingers crossed.

As for power, the new Lexus LF-CC Concept will be powered by a new 2.5-liter hybrid powertrain with various technologies to further reduce fuel consumption, which will also be as a standard hybrid powertrain for other future Lexus models as well.

The Lexus LF-CC Concept will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month on September 27th, so stay tuned, we will have more details later this week.

Update: 9/27/2012

The new Lexus LF-CC Concept has just debuted at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, and here are the details. It is measured at 4,660 mm (183.5 inches) long, 1,840 mm (72.4 inches) wide, 1,375 mm (54.1 inches) tall and sits on a 2,730 mm (107.5-inch) wheelbase. Underneath the hood is confirmed to carry a 2.5-liter, direct-injected four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor, and a generator. Lexus says this hybrid powertrain will come to a production vehicle.

While the LF-CC’s interior looks modernly luxurious, with the showcase of the company’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) design philosophy. The dashboard is divided into two zones: an upper, Display Zone, with a multi-display screen located at an ideal distance for at-a-glance viewing, and a lower, Operation Zone, which allows access to the uniquely designed shift lever and a touch tracer display for remote system control.

Update: 11/30/2012

The new Lexus LF-CC Concept unveiled today at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, and it has been given the production green light, with a projected arrival by 2015.

  • Christ27bm

    Hubba! Hubba! Build it already. It seems like to be the new Lexus IS coupe for sure. Finally Lexus designed interesting to look at. I never like the IS model, but this one is one my buying list for sure. That is if Lexus to keep it like this in the production model, which I doubt it.