VW Golf BlueMotion concept with diesel power up to 73.5 mpg


Here in the U.S., if your hybrid car can average at about 40 mpg, that is pretty decent. But that is not up to Volkswagen’s standard in Europe. The company is introducing the new VW Golf BlueMotion concept, which is considered to be the most fuel-efficient Golf ever produced. The new VW Golf BlueMotion concept is so efficient that it can burn 3.2 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers in European cycle, and that is equivalent to about 73.5 miles per gallon in U.S. cycle.

According to Volkswagen, the VW Golf BlueMotion concept has about 15 percent of fuel efficient compared to the previous model. In fact, according to Volkswagon, customers who drive an average of 9,300 miles a year will only have to refuel 10 times. Just imagine that, it will cost you only about $2.00 do drive to work and back home, given an average 4o miles in round trip and diesel fuel is about $4.00/gallon in the U.S.

Power for the VW Golf BlueMotion is provided by the company’s new 1.6-litre TDI turbodiesel engine that produces 108 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. Even that power isn’t much, but when you put it an agile and light-weighted car such the VW Golf BlueMotion, you can tell that it has plenty of zooms. But it’s unlikely that we’ll get the Golf BlueMotion here in the U.S.

To further enhance fuel efficiency, VW also fitted it with stop-start technology along with regenerative battery. Its drag coefficient has also been reduced thanks to a lower chassis, underbody panels, partially closed off air inlets and aero upgrades. After all the trimmings, according to VW, the Golf BlueMotion is lighter than current Golf models.

The VW Golf BlueMotion production car will be available in Europe in the summer of 2013. There will be two trims available: the Trendline and Comfortline. Trendline is the base version and comes with either two or four doors, while the Comfortline model gets a unique instrument panel, unique 16-inch alloy wheels and ParkPilot proximity sensors in front and rear.