Lexus LFA Spyder supercar gets driven by Jay Leno in Japan


Lexus built the only one LFA Spyder, and Jay Leno is the only one person who gets to test drive it. As a matter of fact, he was so interested in driving this unique roadster that he had to fly to Japan to drive it. Here is the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where he took us through the production of the Lexus LFA supercar and to the track for some speed fun.

It would be amazing if we could test drive the Lexus LFA Spyder, but that won’t be anytime soon in this lifetime. All we could do is sit back and relax to see this video of Jay Leno racing down the track in the Lexus LFA Spyder supercar. Before we hit the track, Jay Leno took us through the construction and weaving of the carbon fiber body and parts for this supercar.

Having already driven the Lexus LFA supercar a few months ago, Jay Leno is no stranger when it comes to test out this supercar. But this time it is different, with that being the Lexus LFA as an open-top car, literally, it doesn’t have a rooftop. That should be very exhilarating indeed as you can hear the thunderous sound of the 500-hp V10 engine roaring as the wind splashes all over your face.

According to Lexus, the Lexus LFA Spyder supercar is a one-off model and company has no plans to build another one. So, go for a ride with Jay Leno by watching the video below.