Subaru 2011 STI Coupe will arrive sooner than expected


subaru-sti-coupe Update: 3/12/2010

The Subaru 2011 STI  Coupe, based on the Toyota FT-86 Concept, is ready to make its debut later next year at the same time as Toyota FT-86. Word that Subaru will not be offering an all-wheel drive version of the Subaru 2011 STI Coupe due to added cost, which may drive the car prices up too high for an average Joe.

Subaru is well known for its all-wheel-drive brand, it was worried that a rear-wheel-drive sports car may shun Subaru customers. But that worry is no more. Check out the new rendering image from 7tune below.
October 14, 2009

Subaru rendering of the  Subaru 2011 STI Coupe looks like the Toyota FT-86 Concept.  Without a doubt, since both companies were jointly working on the Toyota FT-86 in many years already.  It seems like Toyota will get one version and Subaru is getting the other.  The Subaru 2011 STI Coupe will get the EJ25 2.5L four-cylinder boxer engine, which able to output 250 hp.

As from experience with Subaru, it will include a turbo for its top of the line model. This render of the Subaru STI RWD is too similar to the Toyota FT-86 Concept, more likely it will change when it comes to production.  On the Japanese rumor, the Subaru 2011 STI Coupe version will debut at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show.  Would you buy the Toyota version or Subaru version?

  • Bill_deluca14

    The 2011 model has to be one of the hottest looking cars in world. This
    year they have spiked the performance as well. There have been several
    modifications made to make this car even safer than it was in the past.
    Steering accuracy, improved grip and more aerodynamics has made this car
    become one of the safest sports cars available.  Chrysler Dealer

  • Cars and Trucks

    Wider fenders, a projected lip spoiler, a large frame and large bumper intakes, along with blacked-out styling accents,is great

  • Twiztidfarmer

    Should be 305 HP & Awd …I absolutely love the way this concept is drawn out. I would buy tons if they all looked like this.

  • Initialdecay

    Weak! it should be 300 Horsepower 300 lbs ft of torque and 2700 lbs. in weight