Dodge Charger Juiced Concept gets juiced up by Mopar with V10 engine


Chrysler is injecting more power to the Dodge Charger for the SEMA Show next month in Las Vegas. The latest Dodge Charger Juice Concept sports sedan is equipped with the company’s well-known 8.4-liter V10 engine just for the show, and like the SEMA Show, anything goes with a mix of engine tuning and exterior modification.

If we remember correctly, the 8.4-liter V10 engine is rated at a whopping 650 horsepower. All that power gets cramped into this sports sedan’s chassis. Could it handle it? Who knows? One thing is for sure though, the Dodge Charger Juice Concept needs some serious transmission and suspension system along with a few good sticky tires to handle this raw power.

According to Chryslers, “The Viper V-10 injects a venom-worthy boost of 650 horsepower into the Charger Juiced, but tones down the emissions to remain eco-friendly.”

In addition to the massive engine, other Mopar parts include an air intake, cat-back exhaust, functional air-scoop, and a lowering kit that lowers center of gravity to help ease through corners and curves.

For aesthetic appeal, the exterior of the Charger Juice is painted with dark matte paint along the roof, hood, and front air damper, while the rest of the car is painted with custom Metallic Copperhead. Copperhead accent and black color 20-inch rims are added to finish off the exterior modification.

And for the interior, the Charger Juiced Concept gets black Katzkin leather seats and Copperhead accents along with aluminum instrument panel bezel and Mopar shifter.

The Charger Juiced Concept is just for show, and how well it will perform is another story, of which we may get to see after the SEMA Show if Chrysler can backup its claim.