All-new 2013 Tata Nano heading for the U.S. under $10,000


The last time we heard of the Tata Nano was when it caught on fire while parked in the street of India in 2009, after that news, the Tata company extinguished all plans of the Nano entering the U.S. market. Now, there have been news of the Tata Nano plans to enter the U.S. market again with its latest 2013 model.

From the looks, the 2013 redesigned Tata Nano isn’t quite the same Tata Nano that we knew back in 2009. The 2009 Tata Nano was billed as the world’s cheapest car that ever produced, which had a starting price at around $2,000 in India. However, this all-new 2013 Tata Nano that is slated for the U.S. won’t be that cheap, which will be under $10,000, according to Ratan Tata, head of Tata Group.

So, what do we get for under $10,000? We don’t have the exact details yet, but from the Indian’s version, it comes with a two-cylinder engine producing 37 horsepower, which definitely won’t meet the needs of U.S. customers. And that is why the company promises that the U.S. version will have a larger engine, and we are assuming that it needs to have at least a 1.0-liter engine making about 90 horsepower.

“The Smart and the Fiat 500 have high sticker prices, and people buy them because they are small cars,” Tata tells Automotive News. “But everyone knows you put a lot of money into it. We hope that the sub-$10,000 car has appeal.”

With the gas prices on the rise and people who just need a car to get from point A to point B, the 2013 Tata Nano seems attractive. The question is now, will you buy one of these? It just reminds us of the Yugo fiasco back in the 80’s.