Troller TR-X Concept is Ford’s off-road vehicle in Brazil


Troller is a Brazilian brand that produces the jeep T4 for a niche off-road market, but later became part of Ford in 2007. So you could think of Troller as Ford in Brazil. The company has just introduced its latest 4×4 truck called the TR-X concept at the 2012 São Paulo Auto Show in Brazil, and from the looks of it, it resembles a cross between the Ford Bronco and the new Toyota FJ Cruiser.

The TR-X concept is designed with a muscular shape to boast its ruggedness and off-road capability. It has high and wide bumpers along with a raised hood. The front grill is composed of different line patterns which contrast with the fiberglass body. According to the company, The TR-X concept is said to symbolize Toller’s unique design theme.

“We were trying to create a concept that symbolized the essence of Troller. It is a brand that is known for its tradition in the offroad world with the T4. We’ve replicated Troller DNA in the TR-X in this robust and stylish design,” said João Marcos Ramos, Ford Brazil’s Chief Designer.

The TR-X concept along with its siblings, T4’s, will be powered by a 3.2-liter variable geometry turbocharged engine and offers maximum torque even at low rpm. The motor generates about 165 horsepower and 280 lb-ft (380 Nm) of torque. The engine uses EGR technology to reduce the amount of emissions through a catalytic particulate filter system and eliminates the need for additives.