G-Power’s BMW 1 Series is excessively charged with 590 horsepower


If you are looking for a lot of horses to haul your BMW 1 Series Coupe, G-Power tuner is the shop to visit. The tuning company has just released a supercharged BMW 1 Series, and this is just no ordinary bolt on supercharger alone, G-Power also ripped out the V6 engine and replaced it with a V8 engine that came off the BMW M3.

The finally power output for the G-Power BMW 1 Series is mind boggling, at 590 horsepower and 427 pound-feet of torque. In addition to the supercharged 4.0-liter V8 engine, the tuner also replaced the dual-clutch gearbox with the one from the BMW M3 as well. The tuning company called the supercharged V8 BMW 1 Series as the G1 Hurricane RS. To help with the stopping power, the company also added a new set of carbon ceramic brakes. There are other carbon fiber parts added to reduce weight as well, which include a carbon fiber hood and trunk lid.

Performance wise, the BMW 1 Series G1 Hurricane RS can blast a quarter-mile in about 12.7 with an exit speed of 125 miles per hour. Top speed is said to be around 205 mph.

According to G-Power, the BMW 1 Series G1 Hurricane RS costs about €141,176.80 in Europe, which is about $181,400. That is a bit out of reach for most of us, but you can get closer to it with the video below. So check it out.