GM boss, Bob Lutz, to Retire May 1


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General Motors Vice Chairman Robert A. Lutz, the man and the machine, will retire effective May 1, 2010. His total caeer years in the auto industry is 47-year career that included senior leadership positions at four of the world’s leading automakers like BMW, Chrysler and Ford. Mr. Lutz rejoined GM September 1, 2001, as the head of product development, and has led the company’s resurgence in developing great cars like the Camaro and Cadillac models.

In his statement,

“I can confidently say that the job I came here to do more than nine years ago is now complete – the team I have been fortunate to lead has far exceeded my expectations,” Lutz said.  “Our product lineup is as strong as it has been in GM’s history.  The perception of our products and brands is beginning to catch up with reality. And most importantly, the absolute commitment to being a product-driven company is ingrained throughout the organization – from the top down – and I am confident that, under Ed Whitacre’s leadership, the straightforward, singular focus on product will endure.”

Although sometimes I may have disagreed with your business decisions, but it’s all good. So, hat’s off to you, Mr. Lutz.  Good luck in your retirement. And here I left on my website with your handsome picture as a remembrance.

P.S. I guess the Cadillac Converj in production form is out of the question now, huh, Mr. Lutz?