Galpin plans to create an inspired Ford GT supercar called GTR-1


Galpin has been selling performance Ford products since the 60s. It was the first dealership to sell the Shelby Cobra models. Now Galpin Auto Sports plans to bring back the nostalgic years by introducing a new supercar called the GTR-1, which gets its design inspiration from the Ford GT. The company has made the announcement at the 2012 LA Auto Show last weekend, and it is already on job for this project.

According to the company, the new GTR-1 supercar will have more than 1,000 horsepower. It will be built with a choice of either an aluminum or a carbon fiber body structure, which will be layered over the standard Mustang Ford GT sports car.

From the initial design sketches above, it looks stunning from this angle. Although we don’t see the interior just yet, but we can expect that it will be similar to the Ford Mustang’s interior. Details on the GTR-1 are still vague at this point, but the company plans to launch it by early next year, so stay tuned for more details.