Bodie Stroud’s ’69 Mustang awakes with classic 494-cubic-inch V8 engine


Here is a classic sports car that is hard to pass by, and it is not just any ordinary classic sports car either. The Bodie Stroud’s ’69 Mustang is totally rebuilt with his own customization touch to this 1969 Boss Mustang, and it’s equipped with a monstrous classic V8 engine.

The customization of the Bodie Stroud’s ’69 Mustang is a combination of the first-generation Mustang with the customization of the funny car look. What’s more unique about this classic sports car is under its hood, which is equipped with a 494-cubic-inch V8 engine producing about 777 horsepower. This was one of the 10 engines developed for Mario Andretti’s 1969 Can-Am racer.

To handle the massive power output, Stroud replaced the Mustang’s unibody chassis with a custom body-on frame chassis. In addition, the body was widened to accommodate the new wide-track tires in the rear end. New four-wheel air suspension setup is called in to help keep the car at bay during acceleration.

TheBodie Stroud’s ’69 Mustang classic sports car was unveiled at the 2011 SEMA Show with Mario Andretti in attendance to put his signature on the classic V8 engine. The build process of this monstrous classic Mustang was documented by director Julian King in the video called “The Real Thing”, so check it out below.