Ford Fusion and C-MAX hybrid models rated at 47 mpg? Not so fast!


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Both the Ford Fusion and C-MAX hybrid models are rated at 47 city, 47 highway, and 47 combined miles per gallon, but not according to Consumer Reports (CR). Often or not, these fuel economy numbers tend to be overrated. These fuel economy ratings claimed to be U.S. EPA rated, which is kind of misleading since they are produced from the auto manufacturers.

We’ve seen the recent fudged fuel economy ratings from Hyundai, and now Consumer Reports is putting the Ford Fusion and the C-MAX hybrid models to the test due to its substantially claim of better fuel economy than the Toyota Prius. The results from Consumer Reports aren’t pleasant for Ford as you can see the direct quotes from Consumer Reports below:

“In our tests, the Fusion Hybrid delivered 39 mpg overall and 35 and 41 in city and highway conditions, respectively. For the C-Max Hybrid, we got 37 mpg overall, with 35 and 38 for city and highway,” said CR.

“These two vehicles have the largest discrepancy between our overall-mpg results and the estimates published by the EPA that we’ve seen among any current models,” according to the posting on CR’s website.

Even though we can expect some discrepancies in the fuel economy rating testing, but here, Ford had overly rigged the tests to be in its favor that there is a huge difference between 8 to 10 mpg when compared to the Consumer Reports’ numbers. So the real test results here are that the Ford Fusion only beats the Toyota Camry Hybrid by only 1 mpg on the combined cycle, while the C-Max Hybrid at 37 mpg loses to the Toyota Prius V minivan with 41 mpg.

The bottom line here is that even though these auto manufacturers followed the U.S. EPA testing standards, often enough, they rigged the tests to be in their favor. This is not the first and won’t certainly be the last time that we will see this practice in the auto industry or anywhere else of that matter. So buyers will be in for a disappointment if they are thinking that what you see in the sticker is what you get.