Chevy Camaro gets suited by Forgiato tuner, classic hidden headlights included


We’ve seen many alterations of the latest Chevy Camaro from many tuners, and these from the classic look to the modern styling that sometimes may seem as “spacey”. But this latest alteration of the Chevy Camaro done by Forgiato seems to combine both the classic and modern worlds.

Forgiato is known to make custom wheels, but it wants to the design the Camaro around its wheels instead. The company has designed a new custom grille for the Camaro along with other exterior parts. The mesh grille is called theĀ DiFalco, which has hidden headlights to somewhat looks like from the ’69 Camaros. It comes with motorized headlight covers go over the stock parts, and the covers have LEDs that act as daytime running lights.

The Forgiato DiFalco grille isn’t cheap, which is priced at $3,399. And if you want the whole look of the Forgiato Camaro, it also comes with a wide-body upgrade, new set of wheels, and a custom paint job. The total package could end you up at about $30,000. But hey, you can always enjoy the Forgiato Camaro and the sexy model in the video below without spending a buck.