GQbyCitroen Concept car


3082GQ-by-Citroen-6″ /GQ-by-Citroen-6

GQbyCitroen Concept car looks hot like a French model. First the Survolt, now the GQbyCitroen Concept car. Citroen kept on tantalizing us with these hot concept vehicles, and it is a hint that these concept cars will make to production in one way or another. Build it and they will come! Paris is burning this year at the Geneva Motor Show for sure.

According to Mark Lloyd, “Where this car works so well with GQ is that it fits with the current attitudes of conspicuous consumption. It is understated rather than in-your-face, sleek rather than macho.” I second that Mr. Lloyd.

This year at the Geneva Motor Show is just not about putting out the horsepower numbers but also keeping environmental friendly while at it. And the GQbyCitroen is keeping with this theme, which it is powered by a direct-injected 1.6 liter gas/electric hybrid powertrain. Zero to 60 is achievable in just 4.5 seconds and governed speed limit hits at 155 mph.