Vintage Corvettes dropped by Jay Leno’s Garage for some reminiscences


There are vintage cars, and there are vintage Corvettes. It was the GM’s sports car that defined what of the current-generation Corvette, which is the answer to the onslaught of exotic European supercars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. Today, Ed Welburn, Vice President of General Motors Global Design brought a few models of the vintage Corvettes to Jay Leno’s Garage for some “show and tell” of its designs and history importance.

The next-generation Chevrolet Corvette will make its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in just a few weeks, but before we get to see it, GM is making a PR stand at Jay Leno’s Garage by bringing in four classic Corvette models. Three of the four cars reside in the GM Heritage Center, and the fourth (1958 Corvette) is owned by GM president Dan Akerson.

The rest of the Corvettes are the 1953 Corvette (1,000 units were built), the most desirable 1963 split-window Corvette, and the rarest 1959 Stingray racecar (driven by Elvis Presley). Lets jump to the video below to get more details on these Corvettes.