Dodge Challenger SRT-8 muscle car gets widebody kit and humongous 24-inch wheels


We are starting out the new year with this widebody Dodge Challenger SRT-8 muscle car from Ultimate Auto tuner. We all know that the Dodge Challenger SRT-8 is a big and heavy muscle car, but that didn’t stop Ultimate Auto tuner to bulk up this beast a whole lot more, which seems like it is on steroid.

We are fine with the widebody kit, but 24-inch wheels wrapped in 405/25/24 tires? Now that is funky. The wide aero package comes with composite wide body panels and a variety of other body parts, such as vented fenders, side skirts, newly designed front and rear bumpers, a boot lid spoiler, plexiglass window on the hood, new headlamps, a new front grille, a two-tone paint job and hidden electric door handles. As you can see, the modifications are extensive on the Dodge Challenger SRT-8.

In addition to the widebody upgrade, Ultimate Auto also added a supercharger and a Magnaflow sports exhaust system to the 6.4-liter V8 engine. The company didn’t say how much power is being put out from this setup, but we can safely assume that it gets about an extra 100 horsepower.

Even though the widebody Dodge Challenger SRT-8 from Ultimate Auto is huge, it seems well put together, and somehow looks beautiful in its twisted way. Check out the photos of the Ultimate Auto’s Dodge Challenger SRT-8 above to see the interior.