McLaren P1 supercar comes online with 903 HP from turbo hybrid


We haven’t seen this much hybrid power squeezed in such a production supercar since its technology debut, but McLaren supercar company is doing the unthinkable by combining forced-induction with an electric motor. The result is a supercar that generates 903 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque, namely the McLaren P1 supercar.

To generate 903 horsepower, the new McLaren P1 supercar is equipped with a 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine and an electric motor. You can have your cake and eat it too this time. To handle such an astronomical power in a small V8 engine, a few tweaks of the internal engine are made to improve cooling, and in addition, the small block uses a special casting to include the electric motor (177 hp available on tap with a steering-wheel-mounted Instant Power Assist System button.) Power is handled through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.

With theĀ Instant Power Assist System from the electric motor, you won’t find any turbo lag here. The McLaren P1 supercar has a sharper throttle response more associated with a normally aspirated engine, and the significantly enhanced air-charging system enables the McLaren P1 to have more top-end power.

In addition, the new McLaren P1 supercar also comes with Formula One technology such as a Drag Reduction System that can control rear wing shifts to reduce drag by 23 percent.

Update: 2/26/2013

McLaren has just official come out with details on its new McLaren P1 supercar. According to the company, the McLaren P1 supercar can accelerate 35% faster than the original F1, which means that it can start from 0-186 mph in less than 17 seconds. While 0-60 mph is in just 3 seconds, and top speed is said to be around 218 mph. Is McLaren trying to beat its main competitor, the Bugatti Veyron? We think so. And if you are wondering about the price of the McLaren P1 supercar, it will cost you about $1,150,000.