Kelly Blue Book tested Tesla Model S sedan to Las Vegas


After the recent test drive debacle of the Tesla Model S by the New York Times, Kelly Blue Book gave it a try to set clear between Times’ negative review and Tesla’s objection.

Here is the recap: The New York Times publishes a review on Feb. 10 stating that its Model S test car, in a drive from New York to Boston, suffered range shortages in below-freezing weather and had to be towed. By the next day, Musk tweets to discredit the review by calling a “fake” and goes on CNBC Monday afternoon to dispute the story. Broder responds on the Times’ Wheels blog writes that if had he known then “what I know now about the car, its sensitivity to cold and additional ways to maximize range, I certainly would have treated the test differently.”

So here we are with Kelly Blue Book’s test drive of the Tesla Model S to set the record straight. The test drive took the all-electric Tesla Model S sedan from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Here we see in the video, the trip to Las Vegas faces cold weather condition. The whole trip wasn’t all that perfect due a flat tire, and the KBB team had to make a detour to a Tesla service center.

If you know about Las Vegas, is that it sits on top of plateau at a elevation of around 2028 feet above sea level. That is pretty darn high compare to any city. This means that the Tesla S Model is required to spend extra fuel to pull itself up. So we figure that your “mileage may vary” on the invoice sticker would apply in this situation.

With the detour and the high topography of Las Vegas, the all-electric Tesla Model S pulled through to Las Vegas without leaving the team stranded. We got to give credit where it’s due, and this one goes out to Tesla as an underdog. Just check out the video below see the test drive.