NISMO expands its lineup and aims to be affordable performance sports cars


NISMO is the performance arm of Nissan. The division was founded in 1984 to dish out sports cars such as the infamous Nissan Z. It has gotten such notoriety in recent years that Nissan decided to let it manage the motorsports scene. Nissan has just confirmed that NISMO will be prepping an entry for Le Mans in 2014.

The NISMO team will start working on Nissan’s entire range with NISMO models, these including the Juke NISMO, GT-R NISMO and the 370Z NISMO for the U.S. market. With the NISMO division managing all Nissan’s global motorsports programs, we can expect more performance to these vehicles in the future.

Nissan plans to have the NISMO vehicles to be affordable to car enthusiasts. In addition to the announcement of the motorsports entry, NISMO plans to have “a pioneering Nissan race car showcasing electric technology” ready in 15 months.

Check out the Nissan celebration video of its announcements below.