Toyota RAV4 and Auris Touring Sports concepts to reality


The Toyota RAV4 crossover is much needed a redesign, but along with this crossover, Toyota is also planning a whole brand model called the Auris Touring Sports, which one could consider of a Prius-like. Both concepts have just revealed at the Geneva Motor Show today.

Here we see the new Toyota RAV4 concept got bulkier while the Auris Sports looks like an extended Prius. It seems like Toyota RAV4 Adventure took on shape of a SUV, which emphasizes more on off-road capabilities. The RAV4 Adventure concept has larger wheel arches to accommodate the 20-inch off-road wheels. In addition, it is fitted with skid plates underneath, machined roof rails, a new front grille, larger side sills and quad-exhaust pipes integrated into the rear bumper.

If off-road is not your cup of tea, the Toyota RAV4 Premium will suit your luxury and sophisticated side, which the cabin is dressed in two-tone leather with two-tone double stitching.

Then there is the new Auris Touring Sports model, which resembles a Toyota Prius, but with a touch of luxury. Many of its features are similar of the Toyota RAV4. On the interior, it comes with black leather surfaces with double red stitching and Alcantara throughout, such as on the sport seats, steering wheel, door panels, and dashboard. While the exterior of the Auris Touring Sports concept is painted in ‘Night Sky’ black metallic paint finish to contrast with the red and black 19-inch alloy wheels and the red inserts on the bumpers.