Toyota is fighting back on Dr. Gilbert’s demonstration on unintended petal acceleration


Dr. Christian Gerdes

Toyota is fighting back with a separate study done on Dr. Gilbert’s demonstration to mimic the unintended petal acceleration scenario found in Toyota cars. In a separate study done by Dr. J. Christian Gerdes of Standford University found the following:

“First, an electrical circuit that has been re-engineered and rewired will not behave as it was originally designed and engineered,” said Tabar.

“Second, no automaker can or should be expected to design detection strategies for artificially created events in the absence of any evidence that such an event can occur in the real world.

“Third, if the artificial condition created by Professor Gilbert had occurred in the real world, it would have left readily detectable fingerprints.”

In the demonstration dramatized by ABC on February 22, Professor Gilbert, assisted by segment reporter Brian Ross, asserted that he had detected a “dangerous” flaw in the Toyota electronic control system that he alleged could lead to unintended acceleration.

As we would have expected, Toyota is not going down without a fight. Exponent, Inc. and Toyota engineers found no evidence to suggest that any of the steps of Professor Gilbert’s demonstration exists in the real world. Go figure, but the accidents did happen in the real world. In fact, regulators have linked at least 52 deaths to crashes allegedly caused by accelerator problems.

Example cases:

1) The National Higway Traffic Safety Administration has sent experts to a New York City suburb where a 56-year-old woman said her 2005 Prius sped up on its own as she was leaving a driveway.

2) On Monday of March 8, 2010, Mr. James Sikes of San Diego, California called 911 to report that he was behind the wheel of an out-of-control Toyota Prius going 94 mph on a freeway near San Diego. Twenty-three minutes later, a California Highway Patrol officer helped guide him to a stop, a rescue that was captured on videotape.

Well, anyway, have a laugh at the funny video from David Letterman with Toyota’s CEO Akio Toyoda (imitator) to set the record straight regarding this issue.