Callaway plans for 2014 Corvette Stingray shooting brake conversion


We don’t know about you, but this could be a blasphemy to the “car god”, if there is one. Callaway is planning a most boldest venture of all in the company’s long history, and that is to convert the 2014 Corvette Stingray into a shooting brake version, meaning a wagon-like feature.

The new 2014 Corvette Stingray hasn’t got its 15 minutes of fame time yet, and Callaway plans to take that away from it. For an extra $15,000, the tuning company known for its performance Corvettes and Camaros, can make its upcoming Callaway C7 Corvette into an AeroWagon version. Some will like it for its oddity, while other enthusiasts will just hate the thought of a Corvette being a wagon style. But after a pause moment, we thought, if Porsche was able to take the Porsche 911 and turn it into a Panamera, why can American ingenuity do it too? We have to give Callaway some kudos for trying out this new idea.

Just like the upcoming Callaway C7 Corvette, the AeroWagon Corvette will be powered by the same 450-hp V8 engine, which by way, it could easily go over 200 mph. Not that if you need it, but just in case you need to run your errands, such as supermarket shopping and picking up the kids later from schools.

We don’t have the interior photos yet, but from the exterior, the Callaway AeroWagon Corvette’s roofline has been extended and added a rear window in the hatch door. According to the company’s statement: “Based on market reaction, Callaway plans to produce the conversions coincident with the release of production C7 Corvettes this Fall. The AeroWagon option is projected to be under $15,000 and available through Callaway Dealers nationwide.” As for now, the company is already accepting pre-orders for the car at its website.