2013 Trans Am Hurst Edition based on Camaro ready for your reminiscence


Here is another round of the Camaro Trans Am for you from TransAm Depot. The company is adding its latest edition of the 2013 Trans Am Hurst Edition, and along with it, a video of commercial in the transforming of the muscle car.

Like any Trans Am conversion, it wouldn’t be without the T-top conversion as well. If you are still in the retro look, the company even has available of the Chevrolet Camaro-based version of the Pontiac GTO in 1977 TA custom treatment. ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ would be proud of this, indeed! So, enjoy the video below.

Of course, you could choose the European version called the Forgiato DiFalco grille at a price of $3,399, which isn’t cheap either. The full Forgiato Camaro package ($30,000) comes with a wide-body upgrade, new set of wheels, and a custom paint job. But we would prefer the ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ look.