Subaru WRX Concept is dynamically aggressive and powerful


The well adore Subaru WRX brand has finally gets a much needed design to bring it to the modern day era. We love the Subaru WRX brand due to its agile and responsive performance, but its current design seems outdated and old looking. We knew that a Subaru WRX concept is in the works for 2014, and like always from a design perspective, we didn’t expect much from Subaru at all. We thought it would be just some mild changes to its current design cues. At the New York Auto Show last week, to our amaze, the company has introduced the all-new Subaru WRX Concept that is beautifully crafted to match its performance.

From the looks, the all-new Subaru WRX Concept is dynamically aggressive to match its racer car-like characteristic. The four-door sports sedan has bulging hood and muscular wheel arches that has some design cues from the Lancer EVO, but not anything like it. From the front end, it has a large hexagonal grill to provide a strong appearance, while the lower fascia features large air intakes to help with the engine breathes easier as well as providing downforce. And in the rear end, there is a small spoiler on top and an air diffuser in the bottom that accommodates a quad-tailpipe exhaust system.

Dimension wise, the concept sedan is measured at 178.0 inches long, 74.4 inches wide and 54.7 inches tall, along with a wheelbase at 108.7 inches. This makes it a bit shorter, lower and wider than the Impreza sedan with a 104.1 inches wheelbase.

According to Subaru, the bulging hood “provides clearance for the new turbocharged engine and intercooler.” In addition, the company expressed its new design as “to further improve handling dynamics, the Subaru WRX Concept features a carbon-fiber roof to enhance the already low center of gravity and reduce weight.” The concept car looks great, but no other technical details provided during Show.

We will likely see the new Subaru WRX Concept be in production form in the near future, but as for now, the company is gauging consumer interest on the new model.