Modified Ford Focus RS zips out 420 horsepower at Jay Leno’s Garage


A powerful Ford Focus dropped by Jay Leno’s Gargage to flash what’s under its hood, and what’s underneath may get your blood pumping real quick. The Ford Focus has become more powerful with every iteration. We’ve first seen the 250-hp ST model when it was first introduced a few years ago, then a 300-hp RS version, and now up to 345 horsepower on the RS500 trim.

Here in America, we don’t get the RS500, but that doesn’t stop enthusiasts from shipping it in from abroad.┬áIt was brought into the U.S. by Galpin Motors, Ford’s biggest dealership. It is mind boggling when Ford engineers managed to squeeze out so much power from a small four-cylinder/five-cylinder engine, of course, with a turbocharger. But the one that showed up at Jay Leno’s Garage, which we will get to see below, has even more horses pumping out to its front wheels.

The modified Ford Focus RS that came to Jay Leno’s garage is able to churn out 420 horsepower, which is tuned by British tuner, Mountune. It features a five-cylinder turbocharged engine, and has a front-wheel-drive configuration that is fitted with a differential to manage torque where ever has the most traction. Well, enough said, check out the video below to see this zippy in action.