Photo of the low powered 1.6L 110 PS Duratec engine

The legendary “Kent” Formula Ford engine (created in 1967) to be reborn in the USA plus the new 110PS Duratec 1600 cc Engine is now available for Formula Ford owners.  The “Kent” engine block back into production, and sales scheduled to start in 2010.

The “Kent” engine is well known through the Formula 1 racing industry.  About 5000 – 7000 of these engines are used world wide in Formula One racing, however, the halt in production of these engines made the parts scarce.  Formula One owners were scrambling for parts, and numerous requests were made to Ford to  reproduce these parts.

Not only will Ford restart the production of the “Kent” engine but it also will use the current technology to improve the engine durability and strength.  In addition, owners of the Formula One can opt for the new Duratec 1600 cc 110PS engine.  This engine is designed to complement the highly successful 155PS Duratec unit.  The 110 PS engine will be available at the end of 2009 with a price tag of about $7,444.