BMW dives into the front-wheel-drive car segment


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Maybe it is experimental or BMW just want to take a bite out of the front wheel drive car market. BMW officially announced that it will start to built a front wheel drive BMW One-Series. This is unlike of BMW, the maker of precision drive vehicles, the one who pursuits perfection, and to create man and machine as one. Now a front drive wheel car…hmm?

Is BMW desperate or is it just hunger for domination in every car segment? We think is the latter. Here is what Reithofer said in a press conference,

“In the future, we will generate growth both in the large model segments and in the compact and sub-compact model segments. We will launch more MINI and BMW models and variants – also in the small car segment. This segment is expected to grow further.

And we will take advantage of this opportunity. We are exploring the possibility of developing a joint architecture for the front and four-wheel drive systems of these cars.

In other words: There will be front-wheel drive BMWs in the smaller vehicle classes in the future. We all know that the cost structure in the small car segment is different from that of the larger model classes. We intend to grow profitably in this segment as well.”

May the force be with you, Mr. Reithofer! Anyhow, the new front-wheel-drive design will debut in 2014 starting with the BMW One-Series and third-generation MINI.