Volkswagen R GmbH is slow to U.S. market


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Volkswagen yesterday officially announced its new R GmbH performance subsidiary, what a name. We’re not sure yet if the Volkswagen R GmbH will make to the U.S. shore. Whether U.S. consumers will benefit from the formal establishment of VW’s performance subsidiary is unknown at this time. The porfolio of the R GmbH includes the Scirocco R, the Golf R and R-Line design packages.

The Volkswagen R GmbH, the German automaker’s answer to BMW’s M and Mercedes’ AMG, was officially launched on Tuesday.

In a conversation with Inside Line, Volkswagen of American spokesman Thomas Wegehaupt said the automaker’s “Volkswagen R GmbH in the Starting Blocks” statement is “not applicable at all” to the U.S. — this despite the availability of the CCR Linein the U.S.

“We won’t get the Scirocco R,” Wegehaupt said. “The Golf R is under discussion, but nothing has been decided. They are considering it. But it’s definitely not coming for 2010.”

Why is Volkswagen R GmbH putting the U.S. on hold? Is it because not enough demand for the VW performance in the U.S., which is dominated by Japanese cars already? The VW performance cars had taken a dive since the invasion of Japanese small cars in the late 80’s. Whatever it is, Volkswagen R GmbH is not in hurry to come to the U.S. market.

By the way VW, please change the name “R GmbH” if you ever sends it to the U.S. We don’t get your acronym structure.