BMW lauched its Z4 GT3 Racer


3821BMW-Z4-GT3-Racer-1″ /BMW-Z4-GT3-Racer-1

European car manufacturers are getting ready for the GT3 racing season, which will begin in early of 2011. Mercedes-Benz has already introduced its SLS AMG GT3, which won’t go on sale till this fall. Now, BMW is also introducing its own version of the GT3 racer car, the BMW Z4 GT3 Racer.

The BMW Z4 GT3 Racer was developed by its Motorsport Division with a 4.0-liter  V8 engine, which produces about 480 horsepower at the wheel. A six-speed, sequential gearbox with “Quick Shift” function is used to transfer power to the rear wheels. Who would have thought that the “used to be” cute BMW Z4 could be turned into this racing beast.

Including in the upgrade equipment for the BMW Z4 GT3 Racer are: roll cage, new front axle, front and rear wings, bonnet, aerodynamic roof, and flare fenders. A lot of metal parts were replaced with carbon fiber reinforced plastics to help reduce the BMW Z4 GT3 Racer’s weight down to 2,645 pounds.

The BMW Z4 GT3 Racer is not cheap, it costs around $400,000; and it is built for customers competing in sprints and long-distance races in the 2011 racing season. All final specifications have to be approved by FIA.