GM is offering rival vehicles for test drive along with its vehicles


GM is bold and taking a big risk by offering rival vehicles from Toyota, Ford, and Honda to test drive along with its line of vehicles. Does General Motors have an ace under its sleeve that we don’t know about? As we have reported last year when Chevy Malibu dare to challenge the Toyota Camry, it stirred a lot of emotions in the CarandDriver forums.

But this time GM is going out in full force with its other vehicles as well, such as the Equinox, Traverse, and including the Malibu. According to Steve Tihanyi to Reuters news, general director of marketing for GM,

“You come in and drive any of these competitive products at your leisure. You don’t have to go running around town to go to a bunch of dealerships. It fits perfectly with ‘May the best car win’.”

What made GM so confident and taking this daring risk? It is because of Toyota’s woes recently that may have a negative impact on the Toyota Camry’s image, and is it because of high demand for the Equinox and Traverse in the last quarter, where sales have increased to 100 percent? We think so. Will these arsenal be enough to dominate the big fish?

Even so, challenging big players like Ford, Toyota, and Honda can lead to supremacy or subservience if failed. A very fine line to walk on.