Lamborghini is getting environmental friendly


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The time has come for Lamborghini to move higher in the technological realm. In order to do that, it is willing to give archaic technology a few decades ago; that is even to throw out the manual transmission. The decision was based on part of the company’s commitment to increase the overall fuel economy of its line of products. Current Lamborghini cars put out an average of 9 miles per gallon, now that will put a dent in your pocket and a disgusting look from the environmentalists.

In addition to throw out the manual transmission, it plans to dish out the turbos to curb fuel consumption. As for body structure, Lamborghini plans to add lighter exotic materials in place of sheet metal. So, you can see the future of a Lamborghini car would be wrapped in full carbon fiber armor.

In the technology field, Lamborghini is looking at the Stop/Start technology found in recent hybrid cars to save fuel consumption, and also E85 fuel comparability for its V10 engine. Heck, we may be looking at a hybrid Lamborghini in the future or even a V6 hybrid.

Source CarandDriver