Mazda SKY-D high performance diesel engine puts out 43 mpg


Mazda’s high performance diesel power is coming to the U.S. Mazda plans to launch its new SKY diesel powertrain by early of 2011. Just like Nissan, Mazda doesn’t have its own hybrid powertrain system yet. It had to sign a license agreement with Toyota to use its hybrid power system, which is currently used on the Toyota Prius. What Mazda has is diesel power, which can achieve the same or more fuel economy as a hybrid power system.

“By launching our SKY technologies into the global market place, beginning in 2011, we will take a huge step toward accomplishing our stated goal of achieving a 30-percent improvement in global fuel economy by 2015,” said Takashi Yamanouchi, representative director, president and CEO, Mazda Motor Corporation.

The first engine will be the SKY-G (G for gasoline), which will be introduced in the next-generation gasoline engine for future Mazda cars. The SKY had a 15 percent fuel efficiency over the current gasoline engines. Later, Mazda plans to introduce the diesel version, the SKY-D. Mazda claims the SKY-D can put out 43 mpg on the highway, which will be used in its next-generation Mazda-6. And that is about 20 percent improvement over the current 2.2-liter diesel engine.

Forty-three miles per gallon is plausible fuel economy from the Mazda Sky-D diesel engine but that is pale in comparison with the VW Polo BlueMotion 3-door TDI diesel, which puts out an average of 71 mpg. Just another reason for the Volkswagen Polo to take home the prestigious 2010 World Car of the Year award at the 2010 New York Auto Show.