DOT is seeking $16M in civil penalty against Toyota for pedal recall


The Department of Transportation (DOT) is seeking $16,000,000 in civil penalty against Toyota Motor Corp. for failure to communicate promptly with the government regarding the sticky gas pedal. That is a lot zero’s trailing behind the number 16. So next time ladies and gents, if you got something to hide, you better come out clean early or else Uncle Sam will stick those little zero’s to your behind where it hurts the most. How did the DOT come up with the $16,000,000 number? Just a guess here, DOT probably has some kind of a fine matrix as how much fine per day for non compliance in reporting and the added cost in litigation.

According to NHTSA, Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood that there’s evidence to prove Toyota knew about the gas pedal problem as early as in late September of 2009, yet the official recall was not issued until the end of January of 2010.

We know that this is not the end of this case, Toyota is definitely going to appeal this fine and continue with the deliberations. More details in the press release below.