Infiniti G37 will get Mercedes-Benz’s four-cylinder engine


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What is going on with this Daimler AG/Renualt-Nissan alliance? Mercedes-Benz got the best of Nissan, and Nissan got this crappy Mercedes-Benz’s four-cylinder engine for the Infiniti G37. According to AutoWeek, Mr. CEO, Carlos Ghosn said that the Infiniti G will use a Mercedes inline four-cylinder from Daimler to improve fuel economy and cut emissions. Is he high? If we really want to drive an Infiniti G four-cylinder car, we would buy the Nissan Sentra instead.

Seriously, if Nissan wants to improve fuel economy and cut emissions that bad, why not try build a hybrid Infiniti G37 already? But then again, Nissan doesn’t have its own hybrid system yet, bah! Didn’t Infiniti suppose to have the Infiniti M35 Hybrid available by 2012? Why not use that same technology on the Infiniti G37?

All that work to make the Infiniti G37 to outperform the competitors like BMW and Mercedes-Benz just went down the drain with this news. Lets just hope that Nissan doesn’t go foward with this blasphemous plan.

Source AutoWeek