2012 Range Rover does 40 miles per gallon


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The new 2012 Range Rover is lighter and meaner looking with a super luxurious interior that can carry up to seven passengers, and it does 40 miles per gallon while at it. Is this a dream come true for the Range Rover that is in the same “gas guzzler” category as the R.I.P Hummer?

The new 2012 Range Rover is about 33 feet long, which is the same size as its current model but with a lower roofline. It is more aerodynamic and leaner looking too. The light weigh is contributed to the new aluminum frame, which reduces its weigh by 992 pounds.

Inside the cabin, Land Rover and Bentley joined up to design a super luxurious cabin for the 2012 Range Rover, which includes fine leather, wood, and metallic finishes.

The new 2012 Range Rover will come in two diesel engines, a 300-hp TDV8 and a 260-hp TDV6. The two engines share the same eight-speed ZF transmission with “Stop-Start” technology to save fuel. The 300-hp V8 diesel engine can launch the 2012 Range Rover from zero to 60 mph in less than 8 sec, ¬†and able to produce about 30 mpg fuel economy. While on the 260-hp TDV6, the 2012 Range Rover fuel economy rating comes close to 40 miles per gallon. That is impressive fuel economy consider its current “gas guzzler” models.

It is expected a V8 gasoline engine will be offer later, and follow with a hybrid diesel engine in a couple of years after the launch. Looks like the Range Rover line may have safe passage through this stormy weather after all, unlike its counter part, the R.I.P Hummer. May God bless its soul!