That’s a negative! Obama’s Cadillac limo won’t be a hybrid


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President Obama in a town hall meeting today said that his request for a hybrid limousine is denied. He further explained that due to security reasons, a hybrid engine doesn’t have enough juice to move his “tank” limousine out of harm’s way quick enough. So, at the moment a hybrid Cadillac limousine is a negative.

The president said, “They just couldn’t get the performance in terms of acceleration using a hybrid engine.”

“I asked can we make these cars hybrids,” Obama said at a town hall in Charlotte, North Carolina today. “Secret Service said no. Now, the reason is not because Secret Service are bad guys. It’s because the cars that I’m in are like tanks.”

If you know that Obama’s Cadillac limousine weighs about three times more than a normal car. It is steel plated all around like a tank. No electric motor can with stand such weight.

How about a nuclear powered Callidac limousine, Mr. President? Would that be out the question, it has zero emission?

Source ABC