New RS500 upgrade kit for Focus RS owners


Ford is now offering current and new Focus RS Owners the RS500 upgrade kit. If you have been following the Ford Focus RS500 news, you would have known that the Ford Focus RS500 has been sold out. To make the fans happy, Ford is offering the RS500 upgrade kit to give the same horsepower and suspension tuning as in the Ford Focus RS500. Now that is a bit of a relief for all the Focus RS die-hard fans.

The RS500 upgrade kit will include engine modifications provided by the “MP350” package from Mountune Performance, which is similar to the new limited edition Focus RS500 model that was sold out after a couple of hours of its debut. It literally coincides with the phrase “selling like hotcakes.”

Similar to the Ford Focus RS500, the Focus RS performance upgrade increases the 2.5-liter turbocharged inline five-cylinder engine from 305 hp to 350 hp, while torque increases to 460 Nm. Other modifications to keep the engine breathes easier and cooler include a larger air filter box, a larger intercooler, a larger diameter exhaust downpipe and a high performance fuel pump, along with an updated software calibration for the fuel curve.

The Europeans have all the fun because the Ford Focus RS500 and the upgrade package are available in Europe only for now. The RS500 package will be initially available at select dealers in the U.K., then later will be available throughout Europe.