No more Honda Ridgeline for 2012


Honda may decide to the end the Honda Ridgeline truck in 2012 after all. Sales of the Honda Ridgeline is not so great, and it doesn’t meet its target sales goal of 50,000 units per year to really make a profit. In fact, Honda had sold only 16,464 total units of the Ridgeline in 2009.

Instead of trying to be unique as a pickup truck, Honda tried to pass off the Ridgeline as a “full-size” truck to compete with vehicles like the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra, but that effort proved futile with just looks and no capability. In comparison, the Honda Ridgeline is rated at 15 city/20 hwy miles per gallon. So, it’s barely better on gas than the mentioned established players and doesn’t even live up to a full-size truck capability.

With its odd looking shape like a muscle builder on steriod, the Honda Ridgeline may be passed off as a full-size truck “poser”. That name might seem a bit harsh to label the Honda Ridgeline, but then again, it’s so fit the description.

As for now, Honda may have to wait and see if the pickup truck market rebound back from the current sales slump. And this will give Honda a chance to re-think its strategy on how it will present the Honda Ridgeline in 2012 to the automotive market.